Tuesday, August 30, 2016


They have a sitting place downstairs  in the open and upstairs airconditioned.I prefer airconditioned, so we opted for upstairs..Ambiance is very minimal..infact nothing at all.
They have burgers, sandwiches, pizza, rolls and shakes and icecreams. We ordered kiwi cream, veg grilled sandwiches and,falooda with kulfi and rolls. Kiwi cream was totally awesome, have never tasted such delicious one with so much of fruit.Rolls were also perfect, Falooda was also good, as far as Chennai is concerned.And sandwiches were just yummy.
And one thing I liked that they serve in good quantity with good quality and rates are very reasonable.They dont compromise with quality anywhere.
Just one little suggestion that if they put more butter on the outer surface of bread, sandwich will be very crispy and less dry.
I would certainly go there again

7th Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai
044 42666022
+91 9597087664

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Roast And Grill..Green Park vada palani

I bought the groupon coupon for this and found that this was my best deal.The restaurant is on the roof top with a pool..and ambiance is very good....infact I loved sitting poolside..looking over the lighted Forum Mall...much better than sitting inside.

Then the service was excellent, they were polite and very attentive to our needs, before we finished even one started, another came on the table. In the mocktails we ordered kiwi cooler and it was perfect.Then in the starters they had corn cob,paneer tikka,onion capsicam with herbs , potato with cream, soya patties etc, all grilled or roasted. He asked us whether we wanted any repeat of the starters, but it wasnt possible for us, we were full..so much that we picked a little from the main food.There we had 4.5 vegetables and daal, veg, pulao, curd rice, and naan..baiagan ka  salan, shahi paneer and daal were just yummy..Only thing I miss in chennai is that rarely they have dahi bhalla in menu..but here they compensated with starters.In dessert there was lot of variety and I loved the chamcham ,icecream and some fruit..couldnt try everything, as there was no space for that.

I loved the place.


I went to Phoenix mall to eat at habanero and it was very disappointing to see it closed for renovation, then we thought of going to CPK and it was also closed,very disappointing, and then we saw this Punjab grill and thought of trying it.
Its ambiance is ok and so is the seating, since we were early we found the table easily. Menu has more of non veg. section, since we are are pure veg. we ordered Hara bhara kabab in starters, it was quite good and they were quite big ones and 5 in a plate.
In the main section we ordered Paneer makhani, khasta roti and amritsari kulchas.Kulchas were very good, havent seen many restaurants here who make it, but khasta roti was a misnomer..it wasnt khasta at all, instead it was crisp like makki..Paneer was ok, their quantity is quite a lot, I would prefer small portions, and less gravy or more paneer.
In the end they serve a small drink something like paan liquor, which is ok
Most of the dishes are in 395/ range and breads for 99...109 etc..
Nothing extraordinary..just a nice place to go sometime..

Monday, August 31, 2015

Novelty tea house..sowcarpet

We reached there anyhow ,asking evrybody and when we saw the exterior, my hubby was sorely dissappointed and told me..you came here all the way for this..I was sheepish, couldnt say anything..frankly i too never expected this..ambiance..what is that..its very conjusted, no place to move or sit properly, seats are torn, walls are chipped.Good for take away only..on top of that they dont served dinner on sundays..its only snacks.
We started with lassi..sweet one and it was good, but nothing special,next masala papad..it was totally yummy, very good.
Since everybody was praising their pao bhaaji, we ordered pao bhaji, and it was really good, they serve more bhaaji than needed , so that they can ask you..do you want more pao..ofcourse at extra cost..
Next we thought of Aloo tikki and corn sandwich...first one they serve with dollops of curd, whereas we are habitual of eating completely covered with curd, and when we asked him for more, the waiter said we dont put extra..hellooo..even hawker never says no..here we are paying 100 bucks for a plate and for a little thing he said no..
sandwiches were good, though I think either corn or medium was not fresh.
Service ..quick
price..on an average..all snacks are in 100..120 range per plate

If i am in that area, i can go there for a snack, but otherwise not good for dining out, not with children as no place there..We were sitting besides water cans, fridge 

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Fortune....cathedral road

We tried the Saturday night buffet over there..Since its five star we expected good ambiance and we were not disappointed..one thing I liked was the spacious seating.

In the moctails they had just one variety but it was  totally to go for..very yummy.

Then in the vegetarian starters he brought vada, pakora and fried vegetable and all of them were good.
In the main section they had very good bread section, then we tried paneer khurchan, ma ki daal, dahi vada , green mix veg and there to southern style vegetables too.....they had lot more variety ib non veg. Though the variety was not much but the food was good......

In the dessert there were many baked varieties 4 types of icecream, karachi halwa and bread pudding...whatever was there was very good and tasty but i missed indian desserts something like gulab jamun or jalebi.

Service was prompt and courteous..I liked it.

It cost us 899/ per person because we had taken groupon coupon , otherwise I think it is 1200/ per person.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Little Italy

We went to this place in Beasant nagar. Got the table immediately.
Ambiance is very nice and cosy and gives a very clean feeling with starched table cloths and all.
Service is also quick, we ordered Long Island in Mocktails and veg,cream soup and both were totally to go for..very nice
Then we took special tacos and pizza..both were very good, yummy,My husband was so happy to find this place.
Since both the dishes had paneer, we were totally stuffed and didnt have any place for dessert, but they had nice variety including Tiramisu.
Now i would like to point out 2-3 small things, like in service he always brought the dish first then plates then cutlery whereas it should be the other way round.
Both the dishes were very tasty but for tacos, I cant say that they were authentic Mexican..for that we need guacamole and sour cream, but I know that with the prices of Avocado so high in India, its difficult to manage that in  a reasonable price.
All in all a very good experience..its pure veg..an added attraction for me

On an average it will cost around 1500/ for two, or may be a little less..

Monday, May 4, 2015


I was looking for a north Indian vegetarian restaurant, so this week we tried this one. 
Compared to other restaurants in this category I found the ambiance quite good..with decor seating and space.Luckily we got the table immediately, otherwise there was waiting later on.

I was happy to see mocktails on the menu and so we ordered lassi and Pommegranate moctail, lassi was nothing special but moctail was good and so were the starters..dahi ke kabab..they we yummy.

In the main course we tried delhi highway special daal and kadhai paneer..Daal was awesome..best I have tasted in Chennai, kadhai Paneer was also fine, in the breads, missi roti wasnt worth it but naan and kulcha were good.

There was enough variety in desserts also, but we were full, so didnt try anything.

All this came at a price of 1700/..so if we had ordered desserts also, .complete meal for two wouldnt be less than 2000/..may be a little more

They have a thali on weekdays for 499/.nett..why cant they have somthing like that on weekends too..may be increase the price, or decrease the variety or make it a limited thali..would be more enjoyable.

One thing which brings this restaurant a little lower is the service..people are neither courteous, nor smiling..I seriously like the place where people are friendly..specially in a hospitality bussiness. Here they care a damn..

So I would say food is good, ambiance is  also good, service is bad,and prices..you may judge your self..