Thursday, May 1, 2014

La Shakahari

This restaurant is there in residential area of Nungambakkam..Pyrocroft garden road..It had special appeal for me as its a pure vegetarian restaurant and with global cuisine.
When we entered we were surprised to see that it wasnt very crowded, normally on sundays all of them are.But we were happy because I dont like crowded noisy places. That way here seating and ambiance is can eat in piece.

Now i looked at the menu..they have Mexican, Mediterranean, oriental and Indian, but for that they have made whole Mediterranean or Mexican  package for one person is 475/ per person and one cant share it..Like I cant eat that much on my own, so either they should limit the quantity  and then let the guest share..that way we can try many things..Because of their mismanaged menu I couldnt try anything like that, we went for a la carte...

We asked for tomato soup and then we came to know that they are having a scheme where some dishes are being given complimentary one for one, so we got two soups. Anyway that scheme also wasnt very clear, so we didnt bother. Soup was excellent, worth it
Next dish we ordered was Paneer was ok, Paneer wasnt marinated properly, so it was bland inside.
And then we took vegetarian platter had variety of kababs..some ok, some good.
For dessert, I wanted to try gulabjamun baked with was horrible..and not value for money even..very little quantity and then they baked it in the same place where garlic bread was being done, so it had all the smell of garlic..imagine a sweet smelling of garlic.

All in all its an average restaurant with average prices..
!000/ for two.

20, Pycrofts Garden Road, Nungambakkam,


044 28265000, +91 9940415747