Friday, July 11, 2014

instant snack

I was looking for some fresh snacks and didnt want to spend too much time and I got this idea..
If you have some namkeen lying with you , just dry grind it in the mixer and your filling is ready.Or you can take any daal mix from Haldiraam and grind it.
Then knead some maida with some oil and water. make it a hard dough, now you can make small samosas and .Bhakar badi.........both
for samosa take a small ball of dough, roll it in an oblong shape, cut into half and make a little samosa and deep fry on medium heat.
For..Bhakhar badi....take a medium size ball and roll it like a chapati, then spread the filling with a spoon and press it a little so that it sticks. Then roll the chapati int o a roll and then cut into small pieces and then deep fry on medium heat.
You can eat it fresh and keep it also for long period