Sunday, November 3, 2013


This is a small rajashthani village ..with all the little little things specific to that Baithaks..Chaupal, jute cots everywhere to relax, folk music and dances going on different place, Bhool bhulaiya, then one Chhatri for astrologer, and some games stalls and a shop selling rajasthani items, tehn there was a photographer too  with rajasthani costumes.

A cave, two temples, one fountain..lots of things and space to enjoy. There was one boy who was walking on the rope for visitors entertainment. This was one thing I didnt like for many its child labour, we are spoiling his childhood, he must study and make his future.And he was putting his life in danger .

There were camel rides , camel cart ride,bullock cart ride.....

For food they have traditional sitting system where they serve rajasthani food with love..everything was good but there was this boy who was insisting people to eat sweet.saying it is hospitality, but too much of anything irritates me, I was very irritated and wanted to complain even, this is no way hospitality but a nuisance.

They have specified.... no tipping but my husband also gave that boy walking on  rope, then the one in restaurant,,a few more...Normally i dont support tips anywhere...

This place is on Banglore highway near Queensland amusement park and provides good entertainment.
Food is also good.It opens in the evenings only from 4 pm to 10 PM I think, I would love it if they open it for lunch around Decemebr January..i
Charges...550/ per person
                350/ per child(upto 9 years)