Monday, October 15, 2012


In Zurich I saw some restaurants and I am going to write a little about them.

Vapiano...Its a chain of restaurants there and one gets pizza and pasta as main food. My children loved the food there, specially pasta..and mostly we visited the one in Silcity mall..quite a big place with enough seating there.on two floors.

Don Leone...we went to this place in downtown, and pizza is just awesome in Zurich, but the place is very congested.Service is good and one waiter is from Bangladesh, so he used to take special care for us..

Desparado...Mexican restaurant, near Ikea and considered to be the best. To me food was Ok, they didnt have my choice..Taco Bowl, but ambiance is good and restaurant is spacious.

Santa Lucia..Another good place for Pizza and Tiramisu.

Hiltel....Here we had a mindboggling variety of Indian food along with meditarranean and chinese..and good food, one could either take a buffet at 57 chf or take whatevr you want in your plate and they will charge according to the wt.and this place is completely vegetarian, a rarity there.

Papa Joes..this is my favourite restaurant..mexican it is and food is just awesome..anything and everything.