Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is the new boutique cafe recently opened in Velachery..a good thing to happen because on this road there was not a single eating joint where one could sit in comfort and enjoy.

They have given the deco of ecofriendly place..some walls are lined with bamboos, some lovely jute bags in their selling section..yes they have a few things to buy also. Seating is also good, not cramped, the only thing is tables are a little small.

Here one gets hot and cold coffees, shakes, smoothies juices and soups in drinks....Rs.40-65

Pizza, chaat, sandwiches,burger and salad for the main course.....Rs 35-99/--

Pastries in the dessert.

They have a NIrvana ...its a combo meal of..soup/salad......chat/burger/sandwich......smoothi/shake for 99/--only and
For children..chaat and smoothie....It is either for 35 or 55...I forgot:)

We ordered..Pizza Indiana.....it had a topping of paneer, onion and capsicum, I liked it.
Coffee was also very good , then pastry with hot choclate and cream was .just yummy.

Service is good with a smile.....place is worth a dekko,
The only thing I missed was that they should have icecream sundaes..I love them the most as a dessert or as it is..I am happy that now we have a neat and nice place in Velachery itself.

PS: In my next trip I tried cheese toasts and just loved them:) and cold coffee is also very good..so creamy..worth it.


47 B,Velachery Main Road
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042
098 40129493