Monday, December 17, 2012

Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram

My husband went their on some official appointment and since then he wanted to show me as liked it very much. Basically it is a beach resort with cottages and restaurants. We had the buffet lunch over there.
Ambiance is good but service is neither polite nor good.In most of the good restaurants service is very important.and though its buffet, there are many things they serve on your table, but here when I asked, she said..its buffet..oh yes, I know its buffet and i am not eating buffet for the first time, I felt quite offended with her reply.

They dont have any mocktails, there is lemon soup only, since i dont like it, I didnt try even.

In starters they had good variety.with pakoras, chilli paneer and all that..vadas were good, but Indian snacks are better tasted if hot...few varieties of bread..

In the main fare..salads,pulao, few curries,and noodles..for a north Indian, there was no paneer dish,and no good vegetable.

Desserts were good, few Indian and few western with icecream.

All this for Rs 1588/..per person

I dont think that i would like to go there again..

Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram

57, Kovalam Road, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104
Phone:044 2744 3636

Monday, October 15, 2012


In Zurich I saw some restaurants and I am going to write a little about them.

Vapiano...Its a chain of restaurants there and one gets pizza and pasta as main food. My children loved the food there, specially pasta..and mostly we visited the one in Silcity mall..quite a big place with enough seating there.on two floors.

Don Leone...we went to this place in downtown, and pizza is just awesome in Zurich, but the place is very congested.Service is good and one waiter is from Bangladesh, so he used to take special care for us..

Desparado...Mexican restaurant, near Ikea and considered to be the best. To me food was Ok, they didnt have my choice..Taco Bowl, but ambiance is good and restaurant is spacious.

Santa Lucia..Another good place for Pizza and Tiramisu.

Hiltel....Here we had a mindboggling variety of Indian food along with meditarranean and chinese..and good food, one could either take a buffet at 57 chf or take whatevr you want in your plate and they will charge according to the wt.and this place is completely vegetarian, a rarity there.

Papa Joes..this is my favourite restaurant..mexican it is and food is just awesome..anything and everything.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Deccan Plaza

This is the only restaurant I have seen that is vegetarian only and propagate vegetarianism as all their table mats are written about the benefits of being vegetarian.

The ambiance here is quite good, seating comfortable.

In the menu..salads have lot of variety and I liked a couple of them like corn Mexican salad
Vegetable soup and some chilled shake is there.
In the main dishes there is lot of variety with all the usual dishes and then chola too..paneer, some southern cuisine, different types of rice,biryani and nan and roti.
In dessert section, there is ice cream,some baked varieties, gulabjamun and fruits.

Preparation of the dishes is just Ok, not very good.

All this for 456/...per person.

36 Royapettah High Road | Royapettah,

Friday, May 11, 2012


I had heard a lot about cream centre, so last Sunday we tried it.Its a cafe style restaurant, where seating is very close. There was group of 10 youngsters sitting near us and they were making so much noise that initially i wanted to get out.
We tried Ragda Pattisse, pattisse was ok, but there was nothing like ragda, it was watery and sweet.

Then we had special parantha which they serve with ma ki daal and curd, it was nothing like ma ki daal and again curd was sweet.

In dessert we had fruit was also just ok.

Prices are too high for the quantity they serve..170/ for ragda pattise..nevr heard of it..and 220 f0or one paratha..

I dont think i will go again, neither ambiance nor food deserves it.

45,college road, Near Madras Alliance Francais,nungambakkam


Sunday, February 19, 2012


I read about it long back in Femina, since then I wanted to try it. And though it is very near to our home, I got to check it yesterday only.

This is a small cafe with multicuisine..literally..Almost everything was listed in the menu. We tried garden sandwiches, hara bhara kabab and knock out.

Garden sandwiches were ok, should have been grilled a little more.
hara bhara kabab was very good and so was the chatney .green one.
Knock out was perfect..and in good quantity too, it was two icecreams with nuts and fruits..tinned fruits were good, though they should have added some more nuts...but it was yummy.

Seating arrangement is ok,what I didnt like was that there were mosquitoes, I am totally allergic to them. Secondly the person who was taking orders was very shabbily dressed and a sloppy one, in this area smart boys or girls are more tuned.They dont provide cutlery .neither with kabab nor is uncomfortable to eat like that..And since it is a small place, its very awkward to see the server standing nearby or looking at you.

Prices are on the upside for some items, wheres moderate for others.

22448882, 9840977582
31, Pandian Street, Shankaran Avenue, Vellacherry by-pass RoadVelachery, Chennai

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This was one outing gifted to me by my son on my b'day.Since we have seen all other Taj hotels, we decided to go to Taj coromonadal.Entry is quite grand and spacious, since wanted to have a buffet we asked there and it was available in two restaurants..Golden dragon and Anise, we opted for the latter as we like north Indian food.....

Since we hadnt booked the table, we waited for some time till he seated us, and we couldnt get the best ones..looking outside, so I think its better to book in advance.
For the appetisers they had..3 fruit juices, one milk shake and tomato soup...all good.
Starters...sadly there was no variety for vegetarians..there was paneer tikka and pizza, me pizza pasta are more main dishes than snacks.
In the main course as usual some vegetables ,including one paneer, two methi daal and one daal makhaani, three types of rice...curd rice, plain boiled and veg biryani, dahi bhalla and plain curd and 4-5 variety in salad, with kulcha, naan and chapati.....kulcha was awesome, havent eaten so good anywhere else.Dahi bhalla was too sweet for me.Rice variety wasnt good.But all vegetables and dal were prepared well/
Dessert..2-3 Indian sweets, few mousse, puddings, fruits, cakes and ice cream. .Gulabjamun was too sweet,but chhena kheer was delicious,and so was the ice cream. Even dry fruit pie was very tasty. good, and seating spacious, thats what other places lack..I dont like hitting others whenever going to take something..or too much noise and crowded look. not good, they were very slow, I found the service better in Connemara.

I would love it, if they prepare a comprehensive menu for buffet, otherwise, one is left at sea to choose and sometimes we miss also something.

Pricing..very expensive at around 1800/per person including taxes for Sunday lunch.