Sunday, February 5, 2012


This was one outing gifted to me by my son on my b'day.Since we have seen all other Taj hotels, we decided to go to Taj coromonadal.Entry is quite grand and spacious, since wanted to have a buffet we asked there and it was available in two restaurants..Golden dragon and Anise, we opted for the latter as we like north Indian food.....

Since we hadnt booked the table, we waited for some time till he seated us, and we couldnt get the best ones..looking outside, so I think its better to book in advance.
For the appetisers they had..3 fruit juices, one milk shake and tomato soup...all good.
Starters...sadly there was no variety for vegetarians..there was paneer tikka and pizza, me pizza pasta are more main dishes than snacks.
In the main course as usual some vegetables ,including one paneer, two methi daal and one daal makhaani, three types of rice...curd rice, plain boiled and veg biryani, dahi bhalla and plain curd and 4-5 variety in salad, with kulcha, naan and chapati.....kulcha was awesome, havent eaten so good anywhere else.Dahi bhalla was too sweet for me.Rice variety wasnt good.But all vegetables and dal were prepared well/
Dessert..2-3 Indian sweets, few mousse, puddings, fruits, cakes and ice cream. .Gulabjamun was too sweet,but chhena kheer was delicious,and so was the ice cream. Even dry fruit pie was very tasty. good, and seating spacious, thats what other places lack..I dont like hitting others whenever going to take something..or too much noise and crowded look. not good, they were very slow, I found the service better in Connemara.

I would love it, if they prepare a comprehensive menu for buffet, otherwise, one is left at sea to choose and sometimes we miss also something.

Pricing..very expensive at around 1800/per person including taxes for Sunday lunch.



sm said...

1800 Very costly
nice pics

Renu said... charges have gone really high, sometime I it worth it?

mophiya S said...

Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

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