Sunday, October 18, 2009


This Diwali I made besan( gram flour) and coconut Barfi, and everyone loved it, so thought of posting it but i forgot to take the picture, so i am writing the recipe will post the picture next time whenevr i make it.


2cups gram flour
2cups grated coconut
1 cup khoya (mawa)
2 and half cup sugar
1 and half cup water
half cup desi ghee

Roast the gram flour with ghee o0n a medium firt and then low heat....when it starts leaving the sides take it off.
Roast the coconut a little and keep it aside
Roast the khoya a little on a very low heat and keep it aside.
Now in a pan take sugar and water and make syrup of 3-4 chk it take alittle(be caustious as its very hot) betweween your fore finger and thumb and seee that while stretching how many threads you see..its a thick consistency....then put all the things and take it off the heat and mix quickly thoroughly..... and shift it to a greased plate....and let it cool
Then cut into the pieces.


Swetha Guptha said...

Nice blog Renu!!! ur recipes seem very easy to make...I've been asking my mom to start a cooking blog. I should show her ur's to inspire her ;)

Renu said...

Thanks Swetha!...I am not interested in posying complicated ones, though I havent been able to do so, but I intend to make simple menus, where any first timer even can cook a tasty meal:)

Once your mom starts blogging, she wont be able to stop:)..its an addiction, I have for cooking and one for other ideas:)

Reflections said...

This sounds good u think I cd use condensed milk instead of khoya....khoya is not available readily out here;-(

Renu said...

Reflections; yes you can use either condensed milk or powdered milk, in case of condensed milk..kadhai me heat par rakh kar tab tak chalana hoga jab tak woh sides na chod de.

radha said...

Nice blog Renu. I shall come back and check your recipes. I like the review of eating places. Will be going to Chennai this week, but only there for a day and that too for a wedding, so no time to try the places you have reviewed. But I love the place opposite Sundari Silks - where you get the world's softest idlis and yummy pongal

Renu said...

radha:Thanx radha!tellme the name of that placein front of Sundari silks,isitin Nungambakkam?