Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cafe Pascucci

One day we went to Express Avenue mall.I think this is the the so far best mall in Chennai, with enough space and all brands and with pleasant interior.Earlier I used to like Citi centre, but now days it seems to be quite small with not many stores and always crowded.
Here while strolling we found this italian cafe..its on the back side of entrance.
We ordered  tomato Bruchetta, one cappuccino and one was something fruits , cream and icecream.
and all three items were delicious and  very well served.

Prices are moderate and ambiance is good. I liked the place and it is certainly worth a visit.I enjoyed both the things bruchetta and my dessert...I have never tasted something so good, like this, its cream but tastes like ice cream.

49, Whites Road., Royapettah, Chennai
Landmark: In Express Avenue Mall

Sunday, December 5, 2010


This weekend were planning a picnic to Chunambar, but rain god put an end to our plans ,so we went to Brunch at La Meridian. We found it very good in almost everything. Ambiance is very good and service is also good.About food I am going to tell you in details.
We opted for buffet brunch , so the variety was unlimited.
Many types of bread and fresh fruit juices, I chose grape juice and it was delicious, but moctail was  just OK.
Then in the starters they had 2-3 type of pakoras, cheese cutlet, 2 varieties of fried potatoes,vada pao, paani puri, patties etc etc. Paani puri I didnt like much, but rest of the items were good.
Vegetable soup was there.
In the main course, as ussual there were 7-8 types of salads, 8-9 vegetables,noodles, two types of rice, three varieties in curd..dahi vada, curd rice and plain curd,with Naan and Roti.Here I mainly liked Paneer makhani only, as two three vegetables were with garlic flavour and I dont like that. I missed veg pulao, as they had Chinese fried rice and boiled rice only. One more thing in south I miss that they dont give tamarind sweet chatney with dahi vada:(. But Naan were good and all in all tasty affair.
Desserts...Too many..all flavours of icecream, gulabjamun,rasogulla,kesar barfi, jalebi,anjeer halwa,and some ten numbers of baked items, from tarts to cakes to pastries and them mousses. I loved this section, specially Jalebi.
Why have they stopped giving Paan or saunf in the end? I miss that.

And all this for 1100/ per person with non alcoholic beverages, with alcoholic, it was 1500/

It was worth it and I would certainly go there again.

1 GST Road,St Thomas Mount

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yesterday we were walking thru 100 ft road and I saw QWIKY looked so cute, that we went there to try it.Its a very nice and cosy place.Ambiance is good and so is the service.
We ordered cappuchino, one elaichi tea and vegetable platter.

Tea was very good, normally I never like tea outside, either its not hot, or not good flavoured, whatever, but here it was good.
In vegetable platter they served..veg nuggets,fried potato,french fries, 2 cutlets and some salad with two types of dip ..everything was perfect.
Good place for snacks and coffee, it has icecreams, pizzas and burgers too and easy on the pocket too.
Here is the vegetable platter........
I would recommend it any time

Qwiky's Coffee,
#14,Veejay Towers, First Floor, 100ft Bye Pass Road,
Velachery, Chennai 600 042

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The mainstreet..Residency towers

I had heard about a little on this restaurant so yesterday we gave it a try.we tried lunch buffet on Sunday

Its location is perfect as it is on Thyagraya road..bustling market and as soon as we entered we is very good, they have a british it is decorated in Victorian style.

In the drinks they..had fruit juice and butter milk.......both Ok

The soups..there were veg and non veg both, we had tomato cum vegetable soup..again just ok.

Starters...fried,idli and somne gobhi manchuria and pakora..all were soaked in oil and I didnt like at all.
There were Panipuri and papdi chaat also,but no good.

Now the main the salad as usual there were 7-8 varieties including pasta and lobia etc, then bread varieties with cheese.
Side dishes..sambhar,daal,paneer makhanwala,fried potato and few regional varieties.
Rice.plain steamed,lemon rice and curdrice and dahi vada
In the bread section, there was nanof different variety.
North Indian preparations were just not good , like we dont like dahi vada without tamarind chutney.

Desserts..This section was really good, yummy and lots of variety..all types of cakes,pastries mousse, strudel, fresh fruits, 3-4 typews of icecream,kheer,gulabjamun,sugar free sweets and other Indian sweets.

Entertainment..there was live crooner and he was good.

 Service wasnt very good as it was too crowded....they need to improve their main section instead of having so many varieties of salad and all.

All this came at the price of Rs. 650/ person inclusive of taxes.
If one wants to just enjoy the ambiance its a good place,but not for relishing food.

115, Sir Thyagaraya Road
Chennai/TNagar, Tamil Nadu 600017
044 2815 6363 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              044 2815 6363      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Monday, March 15, 2010


This is a very luxurious resort, where one can book sea side cottages or villas also.
On Sundays they have buffet breakfast and buffet lunch..we had their was delicious and there was so much of variety..almost everything in 550/ per person. They had stuff paratha,idli,dosa, lemon idli, upma, utthapam,all sort of breads, muffins,waffles, juices, lassi, cereal and fruit sand of course coffee,tea,milk.

Their dinner buffet was 850/per person and it also had amazing variety including paani poori also(I think it was that day only, not a routine.Their vegetarian food is a complete delight..we had paneer methi, deewani haandi and daal makhani wih all types of bread, nowhere we have found so soft paneer and chapathis.

In mocktails we tried..evening sun.a mix of orange juice and lime and

teetotallers Pina is a mix of ice cream, pine apple juice and coconut water..this one I liked and grilled vegetable sandwiches too.

I would say its a perfect place to enjoy..

Ambiance...very good
Service ..very good
food..also very good..though for vegetarians curries are very limited.
Price...I wouldnt say expensive..its good value for money.

Fisherman's Cove
Covelong Beach
Kanchipuram District 603 112
Tamil Nadu
Tel: (91-44) 6741 3333
Fax : (91-44) 6741 3330
Email :

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Green park is located in Vadapalani and has a huge space. Ambience inside is good. We went there for Lunch Buffet. and found it are the details... non veg and one veg,...daal vadas and without any chatney, this is one area I found where they could add some dishes, specially for north Indians, there os no snack and even vadas had no chatney.

Beverages..Jeera paani and lassi(salted)....Both were good but I would have preferred some juice or some aerated drink. hubby found it very tasty, I prefer tomato soup only.

Main course...5 types of rice.
8 varieties of salad.
2 types of pastas
vegetables..khoya paneer, karela, 2 curries in south indian style, daal masala, and one fried vegetables...bhajia type..this they could have given hot and served as starters with chatney,3 types of papad and butter naan..yes dahi bada south indian style that is without tamarind chatney and with sour curd, but it was tasty.

desserts....Here they had very good variety...balushahi,gulabjamun, gajar halwa, peanut barfi,mysore pak, payasam, rabri..all indian sweets..then fruits, 3 types of icecream,pudding, trifle, cheese cake and some more...and they were delicious.

Tea and coffee..I saw the counter, of course we didnt take it.

And all this for the price of440/ per person.

Ambiance..good an good seating,

Service is also good

Food preparations are good, except that they could add some more variety in the main course and starters.

SH 113
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
044 66515151

Thursday, February 4, 2010


My hubby is very fond of Koftas, so i make lot of variety in them. ..this I make with raw banana...

1 banana

2tbsp gram flour


2 tomatoes pureed

oil for frying

salt to taste

1tsp ginger garlic paste

red chilli powder..half teaspoon for kofta and half for curry.

1 teaspoon kitchen king or any other curry powder.

wash and grate banana, I never feel them as the peel is very nutritious.

mix gram flour and salt and red chilli powder...and make balls..if its too wet, then add a little gram flour...with a medium sized banana we can make 10 balls

Fry these balls(kofta) and keep aside.

Now to make gravy.. grate or grind the onion and saute it with 2 tbsp oil....

when it is light brown, add ginger garlic paste and kitchen king and saute for one more minute.

Then add pureed tomato, stir it and then add one glass of water and let it boil at slow fire for3-4 minutes..add salt also.

Then add koftas and simmer for 3-4 minutes.

Ready to serve, you may garnish it with green coriander and fresh cream.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hot Chips

This one of the new joints opened on Taramani Road Velachery... The advantage here is that one can get everything under one roof be it coffee, juices, sweet, or snacks like idli, samosa, vada, , Pizza and food also like veg, roti all that..north Indian, south Indian everything, but as is the wont here, that when we went at 3..lunch items were not there......
This is a very medium type place where everything is moderate, whether preparations, ambiance or cleanliness.


This also on Taramani road velachery....and its a fast food joint.But I didnt like the seating system and ambiance at all..its so pedestrian.But the pastry was good and so was the price, reasonable.. 35/....good for having no nonsense food when we need it, not when we want it. Prefer to take away from this place rather than eating there.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Gajar ka Halwa is a favourite sweet for my whole family and they like it to be prepared in a particular way, carrots should never taste raw, hard or too soft. And here in Chennai we dont regularly get those red carrots.This time when my daughter came, it was her first choice, so I had no choice , but to make, since I was busy with other things in kitchen , I decided to make it in microwave, initially my daughter was quite skeptical, but when she tasted it she

Here is the recipe..easy to do.

Carrots..500 gm

2oo gm khoya

1tbsp. desi ghee

250 ml. full cream milk( standard will also do)

150 gm sugar or little more as per taste.

2 tbsp.finely chopped cashewnuts and almonds

1/2 tsp cardamom powder..optional.

Peel, wash and grate the carrots.
Put the carrots in a microwavable bowl ( I have that small cooker of Milton).add the milk. and put it for 10 minutes in microwave covered.

Take out and check if the carrot is done, if not put it for another 5 minutes.

Then take out and mix khoya thoroughly and put it in the microwave for 7 minutes without covering...By this time it must be dry..if it is not then put for another 3 minutes.

Now add sugar..mix thoroughly, then add the ghee and put it in microwave for another 5 minutes

Your delicious Halwa is ready..garnish it with chopped fruits and cardamon powder before serving.

PS: Take care while taking out the bowl and checking as its very hot