Sunday, December 5, 2010


This weekend were planning a picnic to Chunambar, but rain god put an end to our plans ,so we went to Brunch at La Meridian. We found it very good in almost everything. Ambiance is very good and service is also good.About food I am going to tell you in details.
We opted for buffet brunch , so the variety was unlimited.
Many types of bread and fresh fruit juices, I chose grape juice and it was delicious, but moctail was  just OK.
Then in the starters they had 2-3 type of pakoras, cheese cutlet, 2 varieties of fried potatoes,vada pao, paani puri, patties etc etc. Paani puri I didnt like much, but rest of the items were good.
Vegetable soup was there.
In the main course, as ussual there were 7-8 types of salads, 8-9 vegetables,noodles, two types of rice, three varieties in curd..dahi vada, curd rice and plain curd,with Naan and Roti.Here I mainly liked Paneer makhani only, as two three vegetables were with garlic flavour and I dont like that. I missed veg pulao, as they had Chinese fried rice and boiled rice only. One more thing in south I miss that they dont give tamarind sweet chatney with dahi vada:(. But Naan were good and all in all tasty affair.
Desserts...Too many..all flavours of icecream, gulabjamun,rasogulla,kesar barfi, jalebi,anjeer halwa,and some ten numbers of baked items, from tarts to cakes to pastries and them mousses. I loved this section, specially Jalebi.
Why have they stopped giving Paan or saunf in the end? I miss that.

And all this for 1100/ per person with non alcoholic beverages, with alcoholic, it was 1500/

It was worth it and I would certainly go there again.

1 GST Road,St Thomas Mount

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Jayashree said...

Renu, you should go to Chunnambar some is a great experience.