Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rain Forest

When I heard that in Chennai, there is a theme restaurant...RAIN FOREST, I got curious to see it. I have seen Rain forest in Atlantic City and there ambiance and food both were very good.

So This Sunday we tried our Indian Rain forest...It is in Adyar on the main road only. They open it at &pm only, we were there early, so strolled around for 20 minutes, but it was good, because then we got a table, later on there was a waiting period of 45 minutes.

from the entrance onward, the ambiance is of Jungle..lighting, fountain, animals hanging here and there and even the waiters and waitresses all were dressed in animal prints
Since whenever we go to dine out, we normally prefer to order north Indian fare. So we ordered...tomato cream soup,masala papad, palak paneer,masala kulcha and pudina parantha. Except for pudina parantha, none of the preparations were good, as they all were prepared with garlic flavour which we dont like at all. The quantity they served was too much ,in fact so much that we couldnt order much variety, but it was not as delicious as it should have been.

They serve chinese and Indian veg and nonveg both.

so Ambiance......good

Rates..very reasonable.

Food.....just OK


but there is not much of the privacy, as the waiters keep standing there.....This style, i just dont like in the restaurants of the office bearers standing on your head, i prefer them to take their orders and vanish discreetly.

Here is the venue......

No. 41 & 42, 1st Main Road,

Gandhi Nagar Adyar, Chennai,

Tamil Nadu 600020

044 42187777

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Though we have been getting the pastries and cake from this place for a long time, its only yesterday that I went inside. its a nice place with cafe ambiance..air conditioned and clean.
The pastries there are the best I have tasted..so yummy, specially the pineapple ones, they have chocolate, black forest, then little tarts and doughnuts.and of course the breads.
The variety is sufficient for a full meal even...coffees and tea for drinks., sandwiches for the main dish and delicious desserts, we tried vegetable club sandwiches..were superb, both in presentation and taste .
Prices are moderate........around 50/- to 60/- for every sandwiches and coffee and 35/for a pastry(8-2-09) and place is worth a dekko:)
It is below the naihu hall
Plot No 183 New Naidu Hall Door No 137 Ground Floor,
Bye Pass Road, Velacheri,
Chennai - 600042