Sunday, February 8, 2009


Though we have been getting the pastries and cake from this place for a long time, its only yesterday that I went inside. its a nice place with cafe ambiance..air conditioned and clean.
The pastries there are the best I have yummy, specially the pineapple ones, they have chocolate, black forest, then little tarts and doughnuts.and of course the breads.
The variety is sufficient for a full meal even...coffees and tea for drinks., sandwiches for the main dish and delicious desserts, we tried vegetable club sandwiches..were superb, both in presentation and taste .
Prices are moderate........around 50/- to 60/- for every sandwiches and coffee and 35/for a pastry(8-2-09) and place is worth a dekko:)
It is below the naihu hall
Plot No 183 New Naidu Hall Door No 137 Ground Floor,
Bye Pass Road, Velacheri,
Chennai - 600042


The blogger formerly known as Sansmerci said...

yea its a nice place .. i love the sandwiches there... but service is pathetic

Renu said...

yesterday even service was good:) we ordered sandwiches and then we found the cucumber was bitter, and when informed ,he promptly brought another one. and then pastries..i am yet to finmd another place better than this:)

Smriti said...

Mommy next time you go, try to take a photo and upload it here.

Reflections said...

U knw everytime I see the prices of things in India I'm so shocked......I guess I'm still keeping the prices of 10 yrs back in mind where bread was rs.5.50 & vegetables were rs.8-10 a kg. My mom makes fun of me. And so do my friends:-(.

Renu said...

Smriti;yeah will do so:)

Reflections;, now the bread is for 17/ , most of the vegetables 40/ a kg and apple..that is just so exorbitant in chennai..105/ kg:)

sagari said...

u have nice blog

Renu said...

Sagari: Thanx:)

workhard said...

I once had coffee at this very average restaurant that charged me around 35/- and believe me.. it was just nescafe with sugar.. nothing more..

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Renu said...

Possible, because I have never taken coffee over there, try sandwich..though now they have opened a counter at Ascenda, but they dont grill the sandwich there..its raw, so no good:(

Welcome here, hope to see you often !