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Hot Chips

This one of the new joints opened on Taramani Road Velachery... The advantage here is that one can get everything under one roof be it coffee, juices, sweet, or snacks like idli, samosa, vada, , Pizza and food also like veg, roti all that..north Indian, south Indian everything, but as is the wont here, that when we went at 3..lunch items were not there......
This is a very medium type place where everything is moderate, whether preparations, ambiance or cleanliness.


This also on Taramani road velachery....and its a fast food joint.But I didnt like the seating system and ambiance at all..its so pedestrian.But the pastry was good and so was the price, reasonable.. 35/....good for having no nonsense food when we need it, not when we want it. Prefer to take away from this place rather than eating there.


GajarkaHalwa is a favourite sweet for my whole family and they like it to be prepared in a particular way, carrots should never taste raw, hard or too soft. And here in Chennai we dont regularly get those red carrots.This time when my daughter came, it was her first choice, so I had no choice , but to make, since I was busy with other things in kitchen , I decided to make it in microwave, initially my daughter was quite skeptical, but when she tasted it she

Here is the recipe..easy to do.

Carrots..500 gm

2oo gm khoya

1tbsp. desi ghee

250 ml. full cream milk( standard will also do)

150 gm sugar or little more as per taste.

2 tbsp.finely chopped cashewnuts and almonds

1/2 tsp cardamom powder..optional.

Peel, wash and grate the carrots.
Put the carrots in a microwavable bowl ( I have that small cooker of Milton).add the milk. and put it for 10 minutes in microwave covered.

Take out and check if the carrot is done, if not put it for another 5 minutes.

Then take out and mix khoya thoroughl…