Sunday, February 19, 2012


I read about it long back in Femina, since then I wanted to try it. And though it is very near to our home, I got to check it yesterday only.

This is a small cafe with multicuisine..literally..Almost everything was listed in the menu. We tried garden sandwiches, hara bhara kabab and knock out.

Garden sandwiches were ok, should have been grilled a little more.
hara bhara kabab was very good and so was the chatney .green one.
Knock out was perfect..and in good quantity too, it was two icecreams with nuts and fruits..tinned fruits were good, though they should have added some more nuts...but it was yummy.

Seating arrangement is ok,what I didnt like was that there were mosquitoes, I am totally allergic to them. Secondly the person who was taking orders was very shabbily dressed and a sloppy one, in this area smart boys or girls are more tuned.They dont provide cutlery .neither with kabab nor is uncomfortable to eat like that..And since it is a small place, its very awkward to see the server standing nearby or looking at you.

Prices are on the upside for some items, wheres moderate for others.

22448882, 9840977582
31, Pandian Street, Shankaran Avenue, Vellacherry by-pass RoadVelachery, Chennai

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sm said...

nice post
yes dress should be neat.
they should not stand nearby.