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Nungambakkam outlet we tried the buffet...ambiance is ok type, seating is neither very close nor very spacious.just good enough.. nothing very fancy..but nice.

Menu is quite good, with lots of variety.soups are very good, green pea and tomato both,infact the best.Then starters,some kalari potatoes, sesame kabab,pakoras and chilli paneer etc..chilli paneer he brought only when i saw it in menu and asked him...but anyway it wasnt good, pakora and sesame kabab were good but for second serving we waited, till we almost came to the end of our lunch.
for papdi chaat, they were putting everything on sem( maida sticks fried)..a variation and a good one.
In the main food they had sambhar rasam, paneer khurchan daal and one more I found it lacking not a singe preparation was good, daal was good but it had too much of salt., naan kulcha were well made.
they had paani puri dahi vada, and variety of rice and salads etc.I like their way of serving dahi bhall.small small katoris..for individual pieces.
dosa, pasta all was there.
Desserts were quite good..Indian ones, we loved ras malai and carrot halwa, even icecream.
good food worth it..wish they will improve a little in service and vegetable curries.

All this was for 549/- plus taxes.

21, Opposite MRF Building
, Greams Road, Nungambakkam,

PH..044 30853547


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We had lunch there today with lot of expectations. First thing is that building is under construction, so outside there is all concrete and they havent bothered with beautifying even very basic view..inside seating is spcacious.
Moctail and soup and then starters...grill on the table..there was pineapple chunks, paneer, potato and mushrooms,and  babycorn fried..all very mediocre.
In the main course there was ma ki daal, tuar daal, kali mirrch paneer, aloo simla mirch, curd rice, biryani, steamed rice, rasam ,baked dish etc, ..not much good vriety and then Naan roti also then dont bring fresh, its kept on the table..Ma ki daal was good, rest just ok,.
In desserts, there were no good indian dessert..there were maal pua and rice kheer and both not worth it and then there were many cakes and mousse and icecream, but icecream was totally melted.
Its easy on the pocket..705/ per person, but I didnt find it worth it..In the same range, Barbeque nation is much better in food.
5/360, 1…

Royal Indiana

This is a pure veg restaurant, and ambiance is very good.with enough space between seating arrangement.Crowd was also better, in the sense not making too much noise or talking very loudly..though this part cant be controlled by the restaurants, I dont like the places which look like fish market.

Service is one part I wasnt very happy with..first as soon as we entered there was no one to tell you about the place or anything. then once you sit down, there is no immediate service, though it was not very crowded even.

But food was very variety and taste both. There were lot of starters, I loved medu vada, the most among idli, pakoda, paneer etc etc.. Welcome drink and soup were also ok.In the main course Daal makhni was very good and so was palak paneer, there were lot of variety in rice and side dishes, north indian and south indian both with salads and all.

In desserts i like Indian sweets, there were two types of barfi, mysore pak, rasogulla and gulabjamun with rabri etc.with many…


They have a sitting place downstairs  in the open and upstairs airconditioned.I prefer airconditioned, so we opted for upstairs..Ambiance is very minimal..infact nothing at all.
They have burgers, sandwiches, pizza, rolls and shakes and icecreams. We ordered kiwi cream, veg grilled sandwiches and,falooda with kulfi and rolls. Kiwi cream was totally awesome, have never tasted such delicious one with so much of fruit.Rolls were also perfect, Falooda was also good, as far as Chennai is concerned.And sandwiches were just yummy.
And one thing I liked that they serve in good quantity with good quality and rates are very reasonable.They dont compromise with quality anywhere.
Just one little suggestion that if they put more butter on the outer surface of bread, sandwich will be very crispy and less dry.
I would certainly go there again

7th Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai
044 42666022
+91 9597087664