Sunday, January 18, 2009


I make Upma once a week in breakfast, i learned it from a north India friend who was very good in cooking, then improvised it with a maharshtrian friend. Actually I dont know Upma belongs to which region..maharashtra or south, but i like it as its a healthy breakfast, though i dont put the same quantity of oil one sees in the restaurants.

one and half cup semolina
4 cups water
1 tsp mustard seeds
3 greenn chillies split
salt to taste(half tsp. for me)
5 french beans..chopped very finely
1small carrot..chopped finely
1 onion..chopped..optional( I dont use it)
1tbsp. roasted chana daal
few curry leaves
oil 4 tsp.
juice of one lemon
Take a pan, and roast the semolina on medium fire for 4 minutes., then take it off.
Now in the pan, put 1 tsp. oil, heat it.
add mustard seeds and when they start splitting add chana dal and roast till it is light brown.
Add curry leaves and green chilli and stir
add the vegetables and stir for 2 minutes.
Now add water.
Add salt, rest of the oil and juice of one lemon. and let it boil.
When it is boiling , slow the fire and add roasted semolina, stirring all the time, till the mixture is smooth.
Now cook for one minute and its ready.
You may garnish it with chopped coriander leaves and fried cashewnuts.
we enjoy this as it is or sometimes with pickle.
Tips......onion and tomato are optional, if you like them then add onion before curry leaves and tomato with the vegetables.


SR said...

Love semolina upma! In south indian households we also make rice upma which I love and sooji upma....

Renu said...

what is the difference between semolina and sooji? I thought that semolina is the english name for sooji..isnt it so?
I dont know what is rice upma?

Bedazzled said...

i love upmas..very light and nourishing ..i normally endup making the sooji variety more often..

Renu said...

i also make it either with sooji or Broken wheat, but with broken wheat its totally different receipe.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Is semolina made from maida? What about pasta and all?

I know upma made of suji is healthy but are the others as healthy?

Renu said...

L Venkata Subramaniyam: as fas I know, sooji is made from wheat, and pasta from maida..actually i feel maida is not good for the gut, as too refined anything is not good, but now everything is avialable with different raw material, may be pasta will also start coming with sooji:)
Thanks for visiting me !

sindhu said...

Thank you Renu for visiting , Mine, am going to get some tips from you...will keep coming here to see ur innovations...

Renu said...

Thanks Sindhu !Your visits are a pleasure to me, so hope for many more:)

Reflections said...

This kind of upma I like...but they make another type in kerala where it is more dry, no vegetables & guess what they eat it with bananas;-S

Renu said...

Actually myself and my H love to add vegetables to everything even Maggi:)