Monday, November 23, 2009


When we went to shopping in Tnagar,we werelooking for a spotto have some food,and when I saw woodlands board,I thought thatnothing better than this,it is just next to Nallis.

But we were highly disappointed with everything..ambiance is sort of dingy type,no emphasis on cleanliness or hygiene.The glasses they serve water in,look so dirty,and when the waiter brought was dripping from all sides.Their menu is Ok,it is a multi cuisine, but their rates are higher than Sarvana or equal in some,but nowhere near them in presentation or service.Though tea was very good in taste,but I felt appalled at their dirty and dark ambiance,crockery and cutlery.

ambiance..dark and dingy

Nageshwara Rao Road, Panagal Park
T. Nagar
Chennai -600017



workhard said...

That would definitely make me lose my appetite...If they charging a higher price then they should pay more attention to hygene and quality of food

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Renu said...

Actually everywhere they must have a neat and clean place without worn out and chipped crockery..I just hate that.