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In my building whenever I lamented about the shortage of north Indian good food, everybody told me to go and check Sigree, so I went there with lot of expectations:) but not all of them were fulfilled.
A la Carte menu is highly overpriced, so we set out to have the buffet lunch.

They dont have any cool drinks in the buffet..its only soup..and I dont like to have starters without anything to starting only dampened my spirits:)

In the starters, they have 2-3 items with chilli paneer and some pakora and chaat also..chilli paneer was good, but here I never like Golguppas anywhere and sometimes I get tempted to start my own corner, because I make them much better then them.

Then in the main they had...4-5 type of salad, chola, one paneer dish,daal, and few other vegetables and rice....I miss the pulao here and dahi bada, they had curd rice too. but preparations were good.all this with naan and chapati.

In the dessert we had...some payasam, two flavours of icecream,jalebis, gulabjamun and some baked delights too.....good  fare.

All this for 500/--per person..its value for money if they include some cool appetizers too.

Ambiance is OK and service is too prompt, as soon as you sit they start plying you with the dishes, it looks like as if they want you to finish and go, whereas in buffets, I prefer to relax and enjoy with some privacy, here they hurry you up.

Hotel Tulip Aruna Complex,
5th Floor, 144 Sterling Road Chennai,
 Tamil Nadu 600 034
- 044 42664222


Rhapsody B. said…
Expectations always has to be tampered or else one is left wanting.

You should open your own corner, if it is something you want, why not?
sm said…
nice review
Harman said…
nice I love indian food!
Emreen said…
Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the sweet comments... !!

Have a great weekend !!

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