Monday, August 31, 2015

Novelty tea house..sowcarpet

We reached there anyhow ,asking evrybody and when we saw the exterior, my hubby was sorely dissappointed and told came here all the way for this..I was sheepish, couldnt say anything..frankly i too never expected this..ambiance..what is that..its very conjusted, no place to move or sit properly, seats are torn, walls are chipped.Good for take away only..on top of that they dont served dinner on sundays..its only snacks.
We started with lassi..sweet one and it was good, but nothing special,next masala was totally yummy, very good.
Since everybody was praising their pao bhaaji, we ordered pao bhaji, and it was really good, they serve more bhaaji than needed , so that they can ask you want more pao..ofcourse at extra cost..
Next we thought of Aloo tikki and corn sandwich...first one they serve with dollops of curd, whereas we are habitual of eating completely covered with curd, and when we asked him for more, the waiter said we dont put extra..hellooo..even hawker never says we are paying 100 bucks for a plate and for a little thing he said no..
sandwiches were good, though I think either corn or medium was not fresh.
Service ..quick
price..on an average..all snacks are in 100..120 range per plate

If i am in that area, i can go there for a snack, but otherwise not good for dining out, not with children as no place there..We were sitting besides water cans, fridge 


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