Tuesday, November 4, 2008


basically it is a type of dip used in Indian dishes. For making raita we first sieve the curd with a stainless steel sieve or make it homogeneous in the mixi, better to do it by sieve, then we can make so many type of raita.
Soak some boondi in water, then squueze it and put it in the curd.
grate some gourd(lauki or sorka) and boil it and add it.
wet ground some palak leaves and add it.
Boil the spinach leaves and churn it into a mixie and add it.
grate cucumber and add it.
cut onion, tomato, carrot and cucumber into small pieces and add it.

whatever u add it, then add some salt, black salt, roasted and ground cumin seeds or may be chaat masala and red chilli powder and raita is ready to be eaten

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