Monday, April 20, 2009


This is the restaurant from Sarvanas, and I read everybody appreciating it so much at Swarna's Chennai Foodie, that it was on my list for long. This Sunday we decided to give it a Dekko.
I dont why restaurants have such strict timings like we reached there at 7PM as we dont want to get late and we had to wait there for 25 minutes, as they open it at 7.30 only for dinner. Its gujarati and rajasthani cuisine restaurant.

We ordered Thali.
So they started with jaljeera and in the starters we had..dhokla, gatta fried type, small khasta kachori with green and sweet chatney.....everything was so yummy and mouth watering and I wanted to fill myself with that only but then thought if starters are so good what the meal would be:)

In the main course we had..curd, gatte ki sabji, daal baati(I didnt get any baati in my daal), kadhi, beans, paneer curry, and poli, poori, chapati and rice and khichdi.salad----In this section except poli, I didnt like anything much, For me it was spicy

In dessert..they served mal pua and custard......custard was very hopeless, I am yet to see in any restaurant good custard, I think they shouldnt serve it, better to serve a gulabjamun or something like that.....malpua was good

Then they served paan:)

The ambiance was good, seating spacious--I dont like sitting too close to another table or if someone moves and touches other's table.

Service was Ok ,cant say very good because the waiter never notices my empty glass to fill water.

Serving are very good in quantity.

Prices are very easy on the pocket, it was 180/+ taxes per person.

T Nagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600017
044 28154662


youmania said...

nice post madam
you have done great hardwork on your blog
keep it madam.
i always appriciate these type of blogs.
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Jayashree said...

I haven't seen this blog of yours before, Renu....nice one.
I've never had custard at a restaurant....I don't think I've ever noticed it on the menu.

Renu said...

jayshree: :), earlier I wrote everything at one place, then decided to have a separate one for food related things:)

Custrad was their in thali, included in their menu.

SG said...

Thanks for the info. Will try this one on our next visit to Chennai.

Renu said...

SG: Try it, specially for gujarati snacks, they are yummy:)