Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Now.a days navratri is going on, so we fast for all the days and take some different food, sabudana bada is one of them, i forgot to take the photo but I am writing the recipe.


1 cup sago or sabudana--soak in 3 cup water for 1 hour

300 gm Potatoes

2 green chilli

1 inch ginger piece


red chilli powder

2 tbsp peanut..roasted.

oil for shallow frying

curd and green chatney and tamarind chatney

Boil the potatoes and mash them or grate them.

Squeeze the water out of sago.

Chop the green chillies and ginger finely.

Pound the peanuts coarsely.

Mix......sago, potatoes, green chillies, ginger,peanuts, and add salt and red chilli powder to taste.

Now make flat tikkis...make balls and flatten them .

They can be either deep fried or shallow fry as you want, both ways tasty.

Serve them either with green chatney only or like Chaat...spread curd, and both the chatneys.


chirpy-paaro said... doing i have been trying loads of food for it...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

Smriti said...

Kal hi hum sabudana vada yaad kar rahe the :)

Varunavi said...

Nice recipe.Few days back i brought sabudana to make vadas.