Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Express Avenue mall has this restaurant,last time when we went there we didnt chk it. But then someone said that this is a chain restaurant and have good, so we thought of trying this week.
And we were in for a disappointment. They serve thaalis and food was very mediocre .Nothing very tasty,though it was usual affair
Dhokla,layered samosa
6-vegetables and daal but nothing was tasty,
boiled rice and khichdi
phulka,makki ki chapati and poori, papad
White rasogulla, was good and kheer..very insipid
service was not very good, every time we had to call the bearer, and ambiance is also very ordinary.
At the rate of 300/ per person its not worth it at all, if one compares the same type of food, Mansukh is much better.
I wouldnt ever go there again

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Ani said...

i went to the express mall the other day.. n wanted to check the place out.. oh dear dear..