Thursday, January 13, 2011


Once you make this receipe you will never be able to eat the nankhatais in the market. They are so good:).This receipe was told to me by my very old friend Anuja, an expert in baking
1cup sugar-ground
1cup ghee
1and half cup of maida
half cup besan
sieve maida ; besan and mix all the ingredients together thoroughly and nicely ,then make small flat balls ,put them on a greased tray a little apart. make a cross over them with knife. and bake them in a preheated oven at 400 degree for 15 minutes(time may vary a little depending upon the oven and quantity, so please check it.


sm said...

tasty sweet
short and to the point receipe

Jay said...

nice post..
Tasty appetite

Nithu said...

Nice and short. It would be great if there is a picture for your recipe. Just a friendly suggestion.

Renu said...

sm;its quite easy to make.

Jay: Thanks!

Nithu: Welcome here !! and thanks for the suggestion..thats right, actually I am a lazy person, always forget tot ake the pics, next time will keep it in mind:)

mohan kodange said...

Thanks a lot for a wonderful and easy recipe. My wife made a batch of these yesterday and we, along with two friends wiped the plate clean in 5 minutes flat.Right now she is working on two batches, one for us and one for our hungry friends. You were absolutely right, we will never buy nankhatais from the market again.

Renu said...

Mohan Kodange: welcome here and thank you so much !..This is the best compliment for me..I wanted my blog to have very simple and day to day need rceipes and you made my day:)