Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Last weekend we tried Savera hotel on RKSalai road.There they had buffet in their Piano restaurant.
I just loved the food here, their most of the preparations are very good.
We started with mango drink,thye had one strawberry and one punch too. we tried the first one, but it was too sweet.
For the starters they had..paapdi chaat,samosa, kachori, gobhi manchuria, and pakoras, golguppas.

In the  main course there was..two varieites of aloo.both yummy,and paneer bhujai, beans,3types of south Indian curries, curd rice, three varieties of pulao..all very tasty, and noodles with 6-7 varieties of salad including choley also..rice varieties were very good and so were the naans.

for the desserts there were 5-6 baked varieties and few were really good, three types of icecreams with toppings, then, moong daal pyasam, almond gulabjamun and carrot mysore pak..these two were awesome, I really hogged them and then some fruits.

All in all a very good buffet and price is also reasonable...730/ per person.

what I miss there is the endings, if they add paan to it, it would be awesome and the place should be more spacious.
But I would love to go there again

146, Dr.Radhakrishnan Road,
Chennai – 600004

Phone : +91 - 44 - 2811 4700


Arti said...

You made my mouth water with all those chaats!!!
Nice review of the restaurant, sounds good.
Loved the name too, is it some theme, Piano?
Have a great week ahead Renu:)

Renu said... is just a name.

its really a good place for good food:)

rahul aggarwal said...

hi Renu,

not sure whether you tried this or not.

Experience the food of RAJDHANI in Express Avenue in Chennai.

pure authentic gujrati thaali (buffet offcourse) with a price tag of 350 per head.

i went once and was so much in love with the kind of service, aroma and food that ive lost count today for my visits.

ive been to Saravana Hotel and i enjoyed the food there.


Renu said...

Rahul:I have tried it, dont rememebr why didnt I write about it here....But I didnt like there food and variety, even service, if you want to try thali, try it at Rangoli or Mansukh..good food.some of it gujraati.

rahul aggarwal said...

alright renu ,

will surely try both the options but now you need to tell me where are they located .. i mean the details of these restaurents...

i have no specific inclination towards gujrati food..i am basically a punjabi who loves to try different cultures different food...

hey btw,

do you watch food food channel by any chance .. lol

Renu said...

Rahul; I know...both these restaurants I have listed in my blog, whenevr you have time you may chk them in..restaurants in Chennai..but you are in delhi I think.isnt it?

I dont see food chanel:(..

rahul aggarwal said...

no Renu,

i am presently in Chennai ..

will definitely check the other 2 blogs ..

nevermind, just incase i thought, if you happen to watch this chennel, its got some real good programmes for newer recipes.

have a nice week ahead Renu.


Renu said...

If you like good food, have you checked out copper & chimney..its very good..both at cathedral road and other one at Citi centre.

Arti said...