Sunday, September 13, 2009



This is a new multicuisine restaurant designer in Chennai, owned by Manish Malhotra
. As soon as I came to know about it and read that even Waiters wear Manish Malhotra there, Iw as so curious to see it. Yesterday we thought of dining there. This is in Egmore near Dasprakash. It must be the first restaurant where the outer wall is completely transprent glass. Restaurant is on forst floor.
Entrance is wow with all that pink roses in water and then seating is very spacious.I just loved it..its comfortable, good to look and with sufficient privacy.
Now the food..they have north Indian food and pasta and pizza also. For a couple they have a package wherein you can get two soup, two starter, four main course and 2 desserts for 699/--only.

We started with golden tomato soup with saffron was yummy, this is the first time I liked soup outside, otherwise I dont ever take it outside..perfect creamy. served it a bread stick.

In the starters we chose.. dahi ware kabab and paneer tikka.....they are served in a long plate with green chatney....Kabab were delicious and my H liked even tikka also, and I really tasted this type of green chatney after a long time.

In the main course we had....vegetable khurchan and lawabdar paneer with alu kulcha and paneer kulcha...This is the first time in chennai where he brought green chatney, papad( rolled beautifully in cones), onion rings and pickle with the food.
Both the vegetables were good. For me Khurchan was a little spicy, as I love bland food. Paneer was very tasty and sowere the kulchas.

In desserts we took..Kulfi and gulab jamun with icecream.
Kulfi was more like Rabri,and tasy, icecream was just ok but gulabjamun was very good.

I know that we are going to frequent it very often.

Ambiance...Good because here most of the restaurants are cramped, and here even cutlery is very special. good with a smile.

Food.....very good

Rates..I think very reasonable, if taken carte..soups for 65/- main course..95/..and mocktails 95/--, for us quantity was more than sufficient, as we had to leave half of the vegetable, but otherwise its ok.

But for the witers wear..I was expecting something different..something in Manish Malhotra style, but was dissappointed, nothing special, I didnt like even, would have prefered if he had given some traditional wear with a different syle to their waiter were wearing black shirt and trouser with a little embroidery and other staff beige and black...both looking very drab and dull.

It is closed now.


Smriti said...

Sounds so yummy - I'm drooling over the names of the dishes!

Renu said...

IN your next trip we shall visit that:)

Jayashree said...

doesn't this place have a spa as well?

Renu said...

Yes it has a spa and I think a retail centre also.

Babli said...

Oh! it sound really delicious and yummy.

Renu said...

It is, actually in Chennai good north Indian food restaurants are very few and this comes at the top.

Swaram said...

Wow! This sounds yum!

Renu said...

It is:) My mouth is watering just at the memory of that food:)

Destiny's child... said...

Sounds like a very exciting place indeed. The food fare also sounds yum-scrum! :)
Nice blog ...:)

Renu said...

Destiny's child: :):), yes I found it very good, waiting to go there again:)

sm said...

just say

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Shalom said...

When I first read "Manish Malhotra's restaurant", I thought, oh my, this is probably going to be very expensive, but the rates sound very reasonable. Wonder if he's got any place here in Bangalore....

Renu said...

Shalom; Yes thats the first thing came to my mind also, but it is quite reasonable with good food.

Renu said...

sm: welcome here !

Vincent: Thanks Vincent..i will try.