Tuesday, October 21, 2008


yesterday it was ahoi ashtami, this day i keep fast for the the welfare of my children. and the goodies we make consitute Khakri---salted and sweet. Salted are the same as on Papdi chat.and i am writin the recipe here-
Ingredients :-
1cup flour
salt to taste.
oil for frying.
beaten curd -1cup
Tamarind chatney
salt,red pepper powder,roasted and ground cumin seed.
2 potatoes boiled and diced into small pieces
a little bhujia nad coriander leaves chopped to garnish.
add 1 tbsp. oil and salt to taste in the flour and knead a dough adding a little water. Dough should not be very soft.
Now roll a little pooris of 1 inch diameter and spread them on a paper.
Prick them with a fork.
Now deep fry them.
The papdis are ready and tasty to eat as it is, but we can make papdi chaat also ----

  1. put 5-6 papdis in a quarter plate. put a little potato on the top of each. spread curd over this......then tamarind chatney and sprinkle the spices-salt,pepper and cumin.

  2. u can make a complete chaat this way also-----put 1or 2 vada(soaked in curd), add 4-5 papdi broken into pieces, few pieces of potatoes, then add curd,chatney, spices and then garnish with bhujia and corriander leaves.

Try it once and tell me how did u like it?


sachin said...

hi dear friend,
how r u?
ur blog is very nice...
pls visit my blog for great information..



thank you dear

Happy Diwali in Advance...
enjoy the festival with happiness..

take care..

Shalom said...

I love chaats and stuff like this. Will surely try making the papdis instead of buying them, so a couple of questions:

1. How thin should the papdis be?

2. How many papdis can be made with 1 cup flour?

Thanks in advance :)

Renu said...

Sachin: Thanks Sachin for appreciating:), I will certainly chk ur blog.
Happy Diwali to U also.

Shalom; Papdi---They are tasty both ways--very thin also, medium also,roll it as thin as u find comfortable, make all of them and spread on a paper and fry after 10 minutes.
15-20 can be made in a cup-normal size, though all depends on the cup size and papdi size, I normally make small size, as they are easy to eat, that Paanipoori size( the way they are available in the market.
U r welcome:)

Renu said...

SHALOM: u can make and keep them in an air tight box for 15 days.

Shalom said...

Great!!! Thanks again Renu, will definitely be doing this :)

Manasa said...


Prepare it for me if I come to Chennai :)

Renu said...

SHALOM: Now when u make it, tell me how it turned out:)

Manasa: sure I wud be delighted, just tell me when r u coming?