Sunday, October 19, 2008

Raintree--Rainbow Multicuisine Restaurant

Hotel RAINTREE is one of the first ecotel hotel of south India and one of the total 36 hotels in the world. In the front water fountain and statue give it a very good ambiance. Inside in front of the reception there is a very big aquarium. It has one multi cuisine restaurant and one Chinese one. We tried RAINBOW-MULTICUISINE.

We had buffet..being a vegetarian tried only veg. menu

Sitting is ok a little close, but looking at today's property prices its ok.

Service is polite and good.

So now start the menu......they have mulligatawny soup and mocktail-----both are good:)

For the starters they had barbecued potatoes and a sort of small tikki with Chatney......chatney was good, rest Ok and yes they had potato pakoras---ok ,but salt was in excess:(. and then there was this bakery section which had ..bread sticks, many cheese varieties, mini croissant(Hmm:), fresh fruits and salads decorated in a very innovative way----good to see:) and various pastas.

Then in the main dinner-----6 vegetables cooked in south indian style and six in north indian:)

I will try to remember the names if I can...

south Indian.....dry potatoes,mix veg,, brinjal,...sorry i cant

north daal (lentil), paneer,okra,mix veg, turai( snake gourd),cauliflower

dahi vada,veg.pulao,jeera rice,plain rice,curd rice

Roti and naan and various pickles.

Most of the preparations were good, but roti and naan were hopeless, i think they are very typical, its better if the restaurants try adding pooris.

Now Dessert.....naam se hi mooh me paani aa jaata yummy and so much of variety

coconut barfi, malai ka laddoo,one other bengaali sweet, rasmalai,

3 types of icecream with toppings, trifle cake, strawberry slice,pineapple slice,apple tart, chocolate basket, orange jelly with kiwi fruit and then fresh fruits.

and all this just for 650/per person only inclusive of taxes, i think very reasonable.

I will certainly go there again and take my children also there.and location is also very comfortable in alwarpet.


Amrita said...

Wow reco taken maam

Renu said...

Amrita...:), I hope that u find it as good as I ahve stated:)

Monika said...

mouth is watering for all those desserts :) will visit the place next time I am in chennai

Smriti said...

Wow! What a description and all the photos are on this blog are awesome Ma :)