Monday, May 4, 2015


I was looking for a north Indian vegetarian restaurant, so this week we tried this one. 
Compared to other restaurants in this category I found the ambiance quite good..with decor seating and space.Luckily we got the table immediately, otherwise there was waiting later on.

I was happy to see mocktails on the menu and so we ordered lassi and Pommegranate moctail, lassi was nothing special but moctail was good and so were the starters..dahi ke kabab..they we yummy.

In the main course we tried delhi highway special daal and kadhai paneer..Daal was I have tasted in Chennai, kadhai Paneer was also fine, in the breads, missi roti wasnt worth it but naan and kulcha were good.

There was enough variety in desserts also, but we were full, so didnt try anything.

All this came at a price of 1700/ if we had ordered desserts also, .complete meal for two wouldnt be less than 2000/..may be a little more

They have a thali on weekdays for 499/.nett..why cant they have somthing like that on weekends too..may be increase the price, or decrease the variety or make it a limited thali..would be more enjoyable.

One thing which brings this restaurant a little lower is the service..people are neither courteous, nor smiling..I seriously like the place where people are friendly..specially in a hospitality bussiness. Here they care a damn..

So I would say food is good, ambiance is  also good, service is bad,and may judge your self..




SM said...

nice review yes agree with you they should offer scheme on weekends also.

Renu said...

Yes there are many people like us who go on sundays they should have some combos

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