Wednesday, December 17, 2008


laddoo with wheat flour....

This was the most favourite dish of my children, when they used to go to the hostel, they always wanted to take it with them. so I learnt making it
Besan...3 cups
Desi ghee..3/4 cup
Sugar..2 cups(grind it finely), this is the general choice, I put 1 and 1/2 cup, as i like a little less.
Cardamom powder.1 tbsp.
2 tbsp..cashewnuts
2 tbsp almonds
for garnishing.....
4 big cardamom-grind them
2 tbsp. coconut powder.
Take a saucepan, and put besan and Ghee and roast on medium fire, stirring all the time.
When it is done it leaves the ghee., then add chopped almond and cashew nuts.
While you are roasting..its sort of solid mass, but when its starts becoming a little liquid and give an aroma.
Now add cardamom powder and take it off the heat.
let it cool for a 3-4 minutes.
now add sugar and make balls. While making the balls take some stuff and rub it between two hands, then round them.
spread cardamom and coconut powder in a plate.
Put the ball on this and keep it aside.
Laddoo are eaten more in the winter, as it gives heat to the body and very nourishing also.
The same laddoo can be made with wheat flour also. For a better taste..take 2cups of flour and 1 cup semolina.
Quantity of ghee can be increased or reduced as u like.
Initially put a little ghee , then add slowly till the flour is not dry anymore.
You can keep it for one month.


Shalom said...

If only you had posted this sooner!!! Never heard of wheat flour laddoos before......would they be healthier than besan?

Renu said...

:), In the north they are quite popu;ar, some people cant digest besan easily, and even taste is different, try once, I like them more, if making with wheat flour u may take this proportion..2 cups flour and 1 cup semolina, I forgot in the recipe, they are even better:)

Reflections said...

I've made Rava Ladooos...besan ladoo i havent attempted yet.
Doesnt look too hard but never can say until I've tried it;-P.

Thank U :-))!!!!!!

Renu said...

Rava ladoos are very tasty,I also like them, U may try it like this...the quantity u take for rawa that make it half half, half rawa and half besan.

These are not hard, and break very easily.