Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Kadhi..... has a very auspicious connotations for us...when we bring a bride home, we prepare kadhi, when when a newborn is 6 days old, we celebrate by making kadhi(cchathi) and even on Rakshabandhan we enjoy it.
Moong dal 1 cup soaked in water for 3-4 hrs , then grind it.
1 cup sour curd
oil for frying
salt to taste.
1tsp turmeric
1tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
2 tbsp. desi ghee or butter
1/2 tsp asafoetida powder
Take the ground moong daal, and for testing put a drop of it in a cup of water, if it floats, then its Ok, otherwise churn it a little. Keep 1/4 cup daal aside.
Now fry small balls from the rest of the dal and put them in water.
Now in a bowl mix curd and that 1/4 cup dal thoroughly and then add 1glass water.
Take a kadhai or sauce pan and put 1 Tbsp oil, when it gets hot, add asafoetida and cumin seed and chilli powder and turmeric and then slow the fire and add daal and curd mix stirring continuously., then add one more glass of water.
Now add salt and let it simmer for 25 minutes on slow fire.
Then squeeze the fried ball and add to this.
keep on the fire for another 10 minutes.
Now before serving give it a tadka of desi ghee, cumin seeds and chilli powder.
for garnishing u may put Coriander leaves.
Now relish it with boiled rice or chapati.
For flavour curry leaves may also be used.
Here we have used moong daal, but normally instead of daal..Besan is used..method is same.
For ready made moong daal badi...... roast them with a little oil, then crush them a little and then just prepare it as a Curry veg with peas, and tomatFor urad daal badi....These are big size spicy badi.......so break them and then roast a little...since they are spicy we add potato and then make their vegetable..Curry.


Reflections said...

Now this sounds like a lot of trouble:-P.
I've heard of Kadhi in Hindi serials. And what is this eaten with...Rice or Chappattis.

Renu said...

No dear, its not a trouble at all:), make pakoras, and make a curry, put pakoras i n them:) thats it.
it tastes good with both rice and chapatis, but many prefer with rice.

SR said...

This one sounds exciting too - again I have never used moong daal in my kadi so cant wait to try this one out :) Can I avoid the frying business?

Renu said...

If you want to avoid frying for the sake of oil, then why worry? Since we put tha balls in water, all the oil goes of in water, that way its quite healthy.
If u steam the balls like idly, u can make it, but the taste wont be same. Sop try just once in the same way and then do variations as u like:)

SR said...

Wanted to let you know - I tried this out and had it for lunch today - loved it!

Renu said...

SR:U made my day :)If any of my recipe is useful to anybody, then only its worth it:)
Thank u so much !

A S said...

hello maam :)

nice blog running ...I love Kadhi and had it in lunch today (with roti..:) and today I'll also try ur peanut starter snack, it seems to be quick and healthy ..:) will consult u if I face any problem in making it..:)


Renu said...

MY husband also likes kadhi a lot, infact all of us:)
Sure consult me for anything, I will be happy to be of any help:)