Thursday, December 25, 2008


This was the staple diet in winters in my childhood. Actually we started making this only from Ganga Dusshehra and stopped it from Shivraatri. My mind found this logic in this ritual..its considered heat, so once the winter is gone..its not good to eat ..may be.

1cup Urad cchilka (black urad)
1 and half cup rice.
4 cup water.
1tsp. turmeric
1+1/2 tsp. salt or to taste.
green chutney,
Radish..cut into long pieces and sprinkle salt and lemon juice on them.
Desi ghee
Put daal, rice, water, turmeric and salt together in a cooker and put it on the gas.
After one whistle slow the the fire.
keep it for 3 minutes and switch off.
let it cool for 5 minutes.
Now open it , and serve it hot with dollops of ghee and accompaniments.
I love it with radish and curd.
My dad always used to like it after a little shallow frying...for this take a fry pan, put some ghee and add khichdi, and shallow fry it, till its a little crisp.
Its like Indian fast food...cooks in a jiffy and healthy too.
Tips: we eat many variations also, like this daal can be substituded with arhar, or moong daal, or Vadi.


Reflections said...

I'm hearing this for the 1st time....tht moong dal 1 is the only khichadi I'm aware of:-D. Sounds very easy & nutritious:-)).

Renu said...

yeah, its easy to male and tasty also:) and a complete food.

Deeps said...

Wow,it seems so easy to make.I'll surely try this. Thank you,Renu for sharing this recipe.
Its my first time here.came through A.will look forward to reading your posts more often.
A Very Happy New Year to you:)

Renu said...

Deeps: Thank for ur visit, i will look forward to them:)
Try it and tell the results:)

Wish u a very happy and prosperous new year with many blessings !

Anonymous said...

oh thank god someone posted the recipe for this daal. we used to eat it during winters with ghee, dahi,carrot or turnip pickle. its the best kichri .

Renu said...

Anonymous: why not give me your name? you are someone from north, this much I can say:)
Anyway..welcome here:)...its a favourite of my family too:)

Anonymous said...

Does the urad dal need to be soaked overnight or for sometime?

Renu said...

Purva:..No , you dont need to soak anything..normally for khicdi, we dont use very fine rice like basmati, its better to use other Basmati rice is cooked very fast,earlier than daal.